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Aerospace Instrument Support, Inc. (AIS) is more than your standard repair shop. With our Unlimited Instrument Rating and Limited Radio, Accessory and Airframe ratings we can completely take care of your instrument and avionics needs including repairs, calibrations, and installations. We have an extensive network of dealers for the latest in aircraft instruments and avionics to keep you and your aircraft on the cutting edge of technology. Our staff of A&P’s, IA’s and FAA Repairmen are capable of responding to your needs in a timely fashion, and with the professional results you expect!

We have full 14 CFR 91.411 & 91.413 capabilities in addition to repairing and recertifying your air data, compass, and pitot-static test equipment. We can also recertify or repair your CVR batteries, standby batteries, emergency power supplies, and provide complete 14 CFR 91.207 ELT testing. We can assist or complete Part 135 conformities, paperless cockpit testing per 14 CFR 91.21, Annual and AAIP avionics inspections, RVSM, compass and AHARS swings, fuel quantity repairs and fuel component calibrations. AIS also has the capability to reprogram your ELT, transponders, and phone systems.
AIS has multiple instrument and avionics inventories on consignment and loaner/exchange with fresh tags to assist in your AOG requirements. If you have old units that are collecting dust at your facility, send them to us! We can test, and repair them if necessary for you, and turn them into sell-able units.

All of us here at AIS look forward to working with you, and thank you for taking the time to explore our website. 
Andy Johnson

Bobby Faulks
Avionics Manager
Andy got into aviation at an early age, earning his pilots license at the age of 19.  After graduating from American Technical University with a degree in Airport Management, he went on to work in sales for several aircraft parts distribution companies.  In 1984 he started his own distribution company, Avionics International Supply, which he continued to run until 2010 when the company was sold.  To add to his capability to serve the aviation market, Aerospace Instrument Support was launched in 1995 and has now been in business for over 20 years
Bobby Faulks joined the Aerospace Instrument Support team in January 2016. Mr. Faulks has an excellent reputation in the general aviation community and has held high level positions at several very well respected aerospace firms throughout his career. Bobby has maintained a FAA Repairman Certificate for over 10 years, and has performed countless avionics installations and modifications during that time. He prides himself on keeping up with constantly evolving aerospace technologies, FAA certification requirements
and  proper quality control and safety guidelines so customers can have confidence that his work is done correctly.  In addition to his aircraft maintenance & installation experience, Bobby also has extensive knowledge of component level repairs on various gyros, flight director computers, indicators and many other types of aircraft instrumentation. His well-rounded expertise and customer service abilities will prove invaluable to us and to our customers.